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Winner of the 2009 Material Culture and Archaeology Film Prize: Shot in Cameroon and Brussels, 'Je ne suis pas moi-même' explores the world of African antiquities and the contradictions in a European art market hungry for new tribal objects. Where do the African masks come from? What journey do they make before their unveiling in fancy galleries or art collections in Europe? Who determines their value? © Alba Mora & Anna Sanmarti (film distributed by the RAI)Ethnographic film, and visual anthropology more generally, have a well-established position within the discipline’s mainstream. The RAI acts as contact point in the UK for information, networking and advice in visual anthropology, organises film screenings and lectures, and provides a base for international visitors. In addition it supplies a service based on the acquisition, hiring out and sale of ethnographic films, videos and DVDs for educational and academic purposes. The RAI’s ethnographic film library is one of the world’s largest and most important. New titles are added on a continuing basis to both the sales and the archive reference holdings. All films submitted for inclusion are screened by the specialist Film Committee, guaranteeing a standard of excellence unparalleled elsewhere. Growing numbers of film company researchers and broadcasters now consult the RAI film materials. The RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film is held biennially.

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