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Workshop: (Re)sounding Images: Explorations in Sonic Ethnography
Monday 21 November 2022, 02:00pm - 05:30pm
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Monday 21 November 2022,  2.00pm-5.30pm (GMT) at the RAI (address below)

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(Re)sounding Images:
Explorations in Sonic Ethnography

Richard Vokes (University of Western Australia)

Paul Basu (University of Bonn)
Haidy Geismar (University College London)

 Image: copyright of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation. Not to be reproduced without permission.

As Elizabeth Edwards describes, photographs are inherently relational, ‘occupying the spaces
between people, and [between] people and things’ (2008). It is for this reason that they
engage us not only visually, but through all of our senses, including through that of sound.
Some photographs speak to us, and we narrate stories through them. Some clamour for
our attention, whilst others get lost in the noise. Yet others remain stubbornly silent, or are
silencing, and may refuse to tell the secrets they hold. How, then, may we develop the research
strategies necessary to explore, and for more effectively represent, these sonic dimensions of

Programme and speakers

Session 1 (2pm - 3.40pm)

Paul Basu, University of Bonn
Voicing Silences in the Colonial Anthropological Archive

Eduardo Gama, University of Bristol
Aural Postcards: on Identity, Memory, and Displacement

Konstantinos Kalantzis, University College London
Voice, (un)naming and the taste of photographs

Kelly Fagan Robinson, University of Cambridge
Anthropology By Children (ABC): linking images, QR narratives and newly possible futures

Darren Newbury, Brighton University
Pictured Exchanges, Quiet Conversations and Silenced Voices: Some Preliminary Observations on Listening to the US Information Agency Photographic Collection

Break (3.40pm - 4pm)

Session 2 (4pm - 5.20pm)

Haidy Geismar, University College London
Collecting the World

Harmandeep Kaur Gill, University of Oxford
Loneliness and Longing: Tracing the Absences of Old Age in Tibetan Exile

Harshadha Balasubramanian, University College London
Podcasting the Rhythm of Digital Images: A Collaborative Sounding of Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge 

Richard Vokes, University of Western Australia
(Re)sounding Archives: Some Further Reflections on the Idi Amin Photographic Collection

Summing Up (5.20pm – to end)



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