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London, UK

RAI Education and Communications Officer

DEADLINE Monday 1 November 2021 - UK


Further particulars

The Royal Anthropological Institute (RAI) is seeking to appoint a full-time Education and Communications Officer, starting 1 January 2022. The Education and Communications Officer will be expected to work from the RAI’s offices in London and take an active role in the RAI’s core activities and programmes alongside other members of staff. Anthropology education, in its widest sense, is a significant part of the RAI’s mission and activity in this area is led by the RAI’s Education Committee. The post holder will have special responsibilities for supporting and developing the RAI’s educational activities, services and resources, with particular focus on developing the RAI Teaching and Learning Platform, supporting non-university anthropology education, as well as organising out-reach events, engaging in broader communication activities, and contributing to the day-to-day administration of the RAI, including providing administrative support to the Education Committee.


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