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19. FIRTH, R. & SPILLIUS, J. A Study of Ritual Modification: the Work of the Gods in Tikopia in 1929 and 1952, 1963, £4.00

20. OVEY, C.D. (Ed.) Swanscombe: A Study of a Pleistocene Site. Hardback, 1964, £12.00

25. CHAMPION, A.M. The Agiryama of Kenya, 1967, £4.00

26. BARNES, J. Inquest on the Murngin, 1968, £4.00

28. PLOMLEY, J.J.B. An Annotated Bibliography of the Tasmanian Aborigines, 1969, £6.00

31. LLOYD, P.C. The Political Development of Yoruba Kingdoms in the 18th & 19th Centuries, 1971, £6.00

32. PAYNE, ROBERT. Second Thoughts About Barth's Models, 1974, £6.00

33. SCHAPERA, ISAAC. Kinship Terminology in Jane Austen's Novels, 1977, £10.00

36. TURNER, DAVID H. Dialectics in Tradition: Myth and Social Structure in Two Hunter Gatherer Societies, 1978, £5.00

38. HOOPER, A. & FIRTH, R. Why Tikopia has Four Clans, 1981, £6.00

39. FORTES, M. Rules and the Emergence of Society, 1983, £5.00

41. JENKINS, R. and DONNAN, H. & McFARLANE, G. The Sectarian Divide in Northern Ireland Today, 1986, £5.00

42. LEACH, EDMUND. A Bibliography, 1990, £11.00

43. LITTLEWOOD, ROLAND. Reason and Necessity in the Specification of the Multiple Self, 1996, £8.00

44. ed. SHANKLAND, DAVID. Westermarck, 2014 Published in association with the Anglo-Finnish Society, £17.50 [available to RAI Fellows only]

45. ed. SHANKLAND, DAVID. Dunbar's Number, 2019, £17.50 [available to RAI Fellows only]

46. ed. COTTRELL, STEPHEN. Music, Dance, Anthropology, 2021



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