The next round of submissions for certification of FA-II practitioners will be in 2020. Submission of application forms and all associated documentation should be made by 31st January 2020. 

Please use this application form and consult the Guidance for Candidates to FAIIFurther information is provided in the Examination ProceduresFA-II candidates who elect to undertake Part 1 of the exam - demonstrating theoretical knowledge - via pathway A (simple mapping exercise of the curriculum of the candidates MSc topics against the required RAI Forensic anthropology curriculum or a portfolio submission based on case reports) should consult the FA curriculum document, and use this form to narrate their evidence of satisfying the RAI forensic anthropology curriculum. The form should be submitted by 31st January 2020 as part of the application.

The practical exam will be held in June 2020. Candidates opting to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge by pathway B (written exam) will also sit a written exam in June 2020.

To be eligible for the FA-II certification, all applicants must be Fellows of the RAI. Information about joining the RAI can be found on the Joining page.

Any queries on the application process should be addressed to the examination board via fac@therai.org.uk.  All email correspondence sent to the RAI for this examination must have "Forensic Anthropology Level II examination" in the subject heading.

The fee for the FAII examination is £200. Candidates will be invoiced on submission of application, which should be sent to fac@therai.org.uk.

Applicants are advised to also consult the Practitioner Levels, Code of Practice and CPD documents. A range of documentation on the roles and responsibilities of the expert witness and the UK criminal justice systems is available on the BAFA website but this must not be considered to be the full extent of information required for examination purposes.


Continuing professional development is a vital part of the certification process. FAII practitioners are required to submit an application for recertification of their FAII status every 3 years if they have not progressed to FAI in this time. Practitioners are advised to consult the CPD document and the FAII recertification application form.