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RAI Research Seminar: Susan Crate
Wednesday 07 November 2018, 05:30pm - 07:30pm
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From Siberia Speaks the World: Ethnographic Insights in Times of Change

Dr Susan Crate, Urgent Anthropology Fellow

Wednesday 7 November at 5.30 pm

Dr Susan Crate has conducted ethnographic research with Viliui Sakha in NE Siberia, Russia since 1991. In this talk she shares her understandings of how one non-Russian ethnicity has adapted to a complexity of changes during three decades of historical, generational, and climatological transformations. Using ethnographic methods, Crate documents the ways of knowing that communities and individuals use to perceive, understand and respond to unprecedented climate change. Although clearly occurring and challenging their daily survival, climate change is often not their most immediate concern. Local issues due to the effects of economic globalization and the demographic shift that draws youth from rural regions to urban centers. Not that these are priority to local effects of climate change but rather the importance to recognize, identify, and integrate them into their analysis of climate change research. Additionally, how to facilitate understandings, utilizing the diversity of knowledge systems, within affected communities about how various drivers of change are bringing about environmental, sociocultural, economic and other change. Crate uses this ‘ethnographic window’ into one group to understand how similar, yet different, patterns can be seen within other marginalized groups and also in other rural regions of the globe.

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Location : Royal Anthropological Institute
50 Fitzroy Street
United Kingdom