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Dilemma and Decision: Ethnographic Filmmaking in the Making
Friday 29 October 2010
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Dilemma and Decision: Ethnographic Filmmaking in the Making

29th October


SCREENINGS 10.00 AM TO 6.30 P.M.

Itsushi Kawase, University of Manchester (Ethiopian Troubadors)
John Baily, Goldsmith’s College (Amir, refugee musicians)
An van Dienderen, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, University College Ghent (Verapaz, Belgian quest for Eldorado in Guatemala)
Angela Torresan, University of Manchester (Brazilian Diasporics in Portugal)
Rupert Cox, University of Manchester (Talk with clips: Aurality, uncertainty and the impressionistic image: notes from Okinawa)

30th October

SCREENING 9.30 AM TO 6.30 P.M.

Roger Canals, University of Barcelona (Bea Wants to Know – Divination in Puerto Rico)
Richard Werbner, University of Manchester (Holy Hustlers – charismatic faith-healers in Botswana)
Xu Han, University of Manchester (Beauty is Black, Hanan China)
Andy Lawrence, University of Manchester (The Lover and the Beloved: Journey into Tantra)
Meenu Gaur, Independent Filmmaker (Paradise on a River of Hell – Kashmir Controversies)
Sue Brook, Independent Filmmaker (GCVA - Ethnographic Filmmaking)

Paul Henley, University of Manchester
Bruce Kapferer, University of Bergen

International Centre for Contemporary Cultural Research
Royal Anthropological Institute
Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations

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