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RAI Research Seminar: Suzel Reily
Wednesday 05 November 2014, 05:30pm - 07:30pm
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Voices in Music, Voices on Music: anthropology and ethnomusicology in dialogue

Dr Suzel Reily, Queen’s University Belfast

Wednesday 5 November at 5.30 pm

The word ‘voice’ indicates the vocal production of sound, but it is also used in a metaphorical fashion to indicate an individual’s or a group’s values and opinions. Within ethnomusicology and anthropology there has been an interest in the ethnography of the voice, but the focus of scholars from these disciplines has often been distinct, with speech dominating anthropology and song being an ethnomusicoogical concern. This seminar looks at how ethnomusicological and anthropological ‘voices’ have addressed both the spoken and the sung voice, in an effort to identify ways in which we might conceive of links between the voice as sound and the voice as metaphor. This interdisciplinary dialogue on approaches to the voice will inform readings of the ‘voice-scape’ of popular catholicism in Southeastern Brazil, which, I will argue, articulates a moral economy of the voice.

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