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The Art of Regret
Tuesday 27 May 2014, 06:00pm
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Films on ‘Anthropology & Photography

In relation to our Conference (29-31 May) the RAI is organizing a series of Upstairs @ the RAI screenings
Tuesday 27 May, 6pm

THE ART OF REGRET 60 mins, 2007, Filmmaker: Judith MacDougall, Anthropologist: Kathy Zhang   

Photography is known in China as the “Art of Regret”. In the rapidly changing city of Kunming, people are ambivalent about whether they want photography to be a medium of preservation and evidence, or of transformation and fantasy. While old photographs are cherished, digital technology can now make old people look young again. At computerized stalls in department stores, faces and clothing can be instantly transformed. An old-established studio digitally enhances the images made on their wooden 19th century portrait camera. Choices about how to regard history, reality, and material culture constantly confront everyone in contemporary China.


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