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RAI Research Seminar: James Carrier
Wednesday 12 June 2013
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Anthropology after the Crisis

Professor James Carrier, Max Planck Halle / University of Indiana

Wednesday 12 June at 5.30 pm

Recently anthropology has experienced an intellectual crisis of confidence, a sense that the discipline has lost its way, and an institutional crisis, a loss of resources following the financial crisis. Together, these crises provide a perspective that helps us to make sense of what preceded them. Both crises are signs of the failure of the neoliberalism that rose to prominence in the 1980s, both as a foundation for public policy and as an important, though unrecognised, influence on important elements in anthropological thought. It focuses on that influence, by describing some of the important changes in anthropological orientation since the 1980s. Together, these changes have left anthropologists with no critical perspective on the world, just as the ascendance of neoclassical economics left economists with no critical perspective.

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