About the conference

The Royal Anthropological Institute is pleased to announce that a conference ‘Anthropology and Photography’ will take place at the British Museum, Clore Centre, in conjunction with the museum’s Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas. The aim of the Conference is to stimulate an international discussion on the place, role and future of photography.  Panel proposals are therefore welcome from any branch of anthropology.

Dates: 29-31 May 2014


Exhibitors will meet a truly interdisciplinary mix of 400-500 international delegates. Participants will include anthropologists, curators, teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students, representatives of NGOs and media, decision-makers, corporate bodies and members of the general public.


The conference will be held at the British Museum’s Education Clore Centre. Details of the Centre can be found on the following website. For a map of the venue click here.

Opportunities to exhibit

Exhibition spaces are available in the reception and public meeting areas which ensures maximum face to face interaction with delegates. A single display table (2 feet x 5 feet) is £300 (ex VAT). This includes conference registration fee for up to two people, with full access to panels and events.

Exhibitor registration

To book an exhibition stall please fill out the following booking form and send it via email to Nafisa Fera at education@therai.org.uk . Deadline for exhibitor registration is 28 April 2014.

Delivery of exhibition materials

Due to parking and loading bay restrictions at the British Museum, publicity will need to be sent by post at least one week in advance of the conference date. Publicity can be delivered to the British Museum’s mail room. Please ensure packages arrive no later than Wednesday 21 May 2014. All packages must have your organisation’s name as well as the following information:

Attention of Antony Loveland
Anthropology Library and Research Centre
for Anthropology and Photography Conference (Organisation’s Name) 
British Museum
Great Russell Street

Exhibition times

Exhibitions will be on display throughout the event. Stalls will see the most activity during registration, lunch, breaks and receptions.

Setting up stalls

Publishers and exhibitors will be able to set up their stalls on Thursday 29 May 2014 between 9:00am-10:00am. RAI volunteers will greet representatives at the front entrance of the BM and take them to the Centre. Once assigned, stalls will remain in the same position throughout the duration of the conference.

Staffing stalls

Although we offer unstaffed stalls we strongly encourage organisations to bring their own representatives to facilitate the marketing of materials and the presence of their brand. Unfortunately, RAI volunteers will not be able to staff stalls.

Storage facilities

There will be a cloakroom facilitated by RAI volunteers where exhibitors can leave extra material and personal belongings during the day. Displays, banners and printed material will remain with the stalls overnight.

Technical considerations

There are very few power outlets. If you need a power source, please make advance arrangements by contacting Nafisa Fera, ateducation@therai.org.uk. The Clore Centre does not have Wi-Fi capabilities. Please note that there are no methods to use a phone line for credit card transactions.

Venue security

Throughout the conference there will be BM event assistants and RAI volunteers who will help administrate the event and monitor the area. At the end of each conference day, stalls will be left overnight to be monitored by the BM security staff.

Dismantling stalls & returning goods

Stall holders will be responsible for dismantling their stalls and ensuring that their goods are collected at the end of the conference on Saturday 31 May 2014.