Forensic anthropology serves the investigative and judicial communities by analysing human remains for medicolegal purposes. It has adopted a pivotal role in both UK and international investigations being core to issues of suspicious deaths, repatriation, mass disasters and war crimes. The RAI Forensic Anthropology Committee was formed in 2011 in response to the need to provide a robust system of accreditation for practicing forensic anthropologists in the UK. In 2011 the RAI partnered with the British Association of Forensic Anthropology to develop a validated formal system of accreditation with the RAI providing the role of overarching professional body. In addition to promoting the discipline, the main role of the RAI committee is to provide oversight of the professional accreditation process. Further information about accreditation and the application process can be found here.

The Forensic Anthropology Committee comprises:
Chair: Professor Dame Sue Black OBE
The Chair of the Examination Board: Professor John Gowlett
Moderator: Professor Niamh NicDaeid
External Expert: Professor Louise Scheuer
The Chair of the British Association of Forensic Anthropologists: Dr Julie Roberts
The Director of the RAI: Dr David Shankland
The Secretary: Ms Gemma Aellah
FAI representative: Ms Linda Ainscough
FAII representative: Dr Catriona Davies
FAIII representative: Dr Stephen Maclean

Applications for Forensic Anthropologist accreditation are examined by a separate board that reports to the Forensic Anthropology Committee. The board consists of the Chair, John Gowlett, an external moderator, Niamh Nic Daeid and an advisor, Louise Scheuer. The board is supported by the examinations panel, which consists of all current FAI accredited forensic anthropologists: Linda Ainscough, Sue Black, Lucina Hackman, Gaille MacKinnon, Nicholas Márquez-Grant, Julie Roberts, Tal Simmons and Caroline Wilkinson. External examiners are included for FAI examinations.

For information on accreditation and the activities of the Forensic Anthropology committee please click here.