The objectives of the Anthropology of Policy and Practice Committee are:

  1. Provide a forum for discussion of ethnographic and anthropological research on organizational policy-making and practices in development, humanitarian, public sector, Parliament, corporate and civil society organizations
  2. Create and offer opportunities to anthropologists interested in advocacy and engaging in/with organizations outside academia
  3. Improve the links between anthropologists, policy-makers and practitioners for the benefit of all
  4. Support and advise anthropologists making applications for research
  5. Promote anthropology among organizations and policy-makers/practitioners, and through the media, to increase the potential influence of the discipline

Joint secretaries Richard Axelby and Jas Kaur

The current Committee members are:

Emma Crewe (Chair), Richard Axelby, Jas Kaur, Andrea Cornwall, Andrew Russell, Catherine Dolan, Deborah James, Gerhard Anders, Raymond Apthorpe, Andrew Clayton, John Borton, Cornelia Sorabji, Elizabeth Harrison, Andrew Long, Abbi Hobbs