About Us

The Anthropology of Policy and Practice Committee aims to promote anthropology among organisations, policy-makers, practitioners, and through the media to communicate the potential of anthropology to the operationalisation of policy and practice and realise the potential of the discipline beyond academia.

We run the Anthropology Communicates webinar series that encourages conversations about the value of anthropology to policy and practice. Recent webinars have covered international development work, UK Government and Parliament, market research and non-government organisations. We also curate and disseminate a range of resources on how to engage as an anthropologist as well as where to go for more information.

The committee works around four interrelated areas of impact-drive engagement:

  • Local, national and international governance
  • Public and communities
  • Civil society organisations
  • Private sector practice


  1. Provide a forum for discussion of the impact of ethnographic and anthropological research on organisational policy-making and practices in health, development, humanitarian, public sector, governments and parliaments, corporate and civil society organisations
  2. Create and offer opportunities to anthropologists interested in advocacy and engaging in/with organisations outside academia
  3. Improve the links between anthropologists, policy-makers and practitioners for the benefit of all
  4. Promote anthropology among organisations and policy-makers/practitioners, and through the media, to increase the potential influence of the discipline


Current Committee members: Gerhard Anders, Richard Axelby, Suriyah Bi, John Borton, Rachel Bruce, Emma Crewe, Catherine Dolan, Emma Gilberthorpe, Lucina Hackman, Elizabeth Harrison, Eleanor Hutchinson, Mark Lindley-Highfield, Hannah Pitt, David Shankland, Claire Somerville, Gemma Aellah, Marko Tomicic

Guest: Brendan Donegan

Our commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Committee values diversity and is committed to inclusivity. We encourage Committee membership representative of the diverse identity, background and experience that makes the anthropological community so valuable.

Should anyone require adjustments in the application process for membership or working with the committee please do contact us via the Committee secretary.