The Anthropology and the Environment Committee of the RAI have put together a list of anthropologists who are interested in environmental issues.  This list is a resource for other anthropologists and for those outside anthropology looking for a particular expertise.

If you are interested in being included please reply to and include:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Contact details
  • Statement of interest
  • Geographical/topical area of interest

Name: Stefanie Paige

Contact details:

Statement of interest: I am passionate about helping people overcome environmental issues any way I can assist. I live in Missouri, St. Louis region. I have my BA in Anthropology.

Name: Andrea Enrico Pia

Affiliation: London School of Economics

Contact details:

Statement of interest: I am an anthropologist of China who specialises in the study of human relationships to and projects for the natural environment. I have conducted long-term fieldwork in the Jingxi area of Beijing City and more recently in North-East Yunnan Province. My work investigates the entanglements of political, legal, technical and ethical issues with the appropriation, distribution and circulation of common water sources in contemporary China. My interest lies in exploring questions of scarcity, human cooperation and environmental justice. I also write on sustainability, rural politics and the Chinese State in comparative perspective.

Geographical/topical area of interest: China, South-East Asia, Water, Political Economy and Ecology, the State, the Commons.

Name: Dr Bob Pokrant

Affiliation: Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Curtin University, Australia

Contact details:

Statement of interest: Main interests are climate change adaptation, sustainable development, fisheries and aquaculture.

Geographical/topical area of interest: South Asia, especially Bangladesh.

Name: Alessandro Questa

Affiliation: University of Virginia

Contact details: email:, Mobile (Mexico): +52 55 5453 8868, Skype: alessandro.questa

Statement of interest: My research deals with how indigenous peoples name, understand, and harness events and effects associated to environmental causes and, more specifically, climate change. In particular, I study practices traditionally labeled as "ritual" and how they incorporate, deploy and make sense of environmental concerns.

Geographical/topical area of interest: Mexico, Central America, Latin America

Name: Ashiqur Rahman, Ph.D.

Affiliation: Department of Anthropology, The University of South Florida

Contact Details: Department of Anthropology, 4202 E. Fowler Avenue, Tampa, FL 33620, USA Email:, Website:

Statement of interest: My research focuses on the human dimension of environmental change, livelihood, governance, and international  development. Through the anthropological lens, I investigate challenges people face posed by environmental change and how they cope with the negative effects of that change in general, and particularly in developing countries. As part of my doctoral study, I conducted research on the role of governance in adaptation to climate change. More specifically, how corruption, uneven power relations, and social exclusion shape livelihood resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change in Bangladesh. I conducted long term fieldwork with coastal inhabitants in Bangladesh, who depend on Sundarbans, the world’s largest single block mangrove forest, which is also a UNESCO heritage site.

Geographical/topical interest: Geographically my research is concentrated in South Asia particularly Bangladesh. Currently I am focusing on Non-economic Loss and Damage in the face of climate change.