The Anthropology and the Environment Committee of the RAI have put together a list of anthropologists who are interested in environmental issues.  This list is a resource for other anthropologists and for those outside anthropology looking for a particular expertise.

If you are interested in being included please reply to and include:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Contact details
  • Statement of interest
  • Geographical/topical area of interest

Name: Luisa Cortesi

Affiliation: Department of Anthropology, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University

Contact details:

Statement of interest: I am interested in environmental issues and in being part of the list you are preparing.

Geographical/topical area of interest: South Asia/India/Bihar. Topic/key words: Water, disasters, floods, environmental knowledge, technologies of environmental management, water/land, drinking water, nature/culture, vulnerability and resilience, gender, poverty and sustainability, social movements around water, semiotic analysis, epistemology, ontology, phenomenology, research methodologies.

Name: John-Paul Davidson

Affiliation: The Rainforest Fund

Contact details:

Statement of interest: Our main areas are tropical rainforest and we work in over 20 countries from PNG through Sarawak, Indonesia,  Burma, Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and most of the countries in the Congo basin. There are three national organisations as well as The Rainforest Fund: namely Rainforest Foundations UK, Norway and USA . Each have their own websites.

Geographical/topical areas of interest: I did my fieldwork in Malaysia but not on environmental issues so my anthropological expertise is more from doing work with RF and numerous film.

Name: Sara de Wit

Affiliation: Institute for Science Innovation and Society (InSIS)/ School for Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (SAME)

Contact details:
64 Banbury Road, Oxford

Statement of interest: Trained in anthropology and African studies I am currently interested in how environmental futures are shaped and reconfigured through new forecasting technologies in sub-Saharan Africa.

Geographical/topical area of interest: I have carried out (multi-sited) ethnographic fieldwork in Tanzania, Cameroon and Madagascar. I have mainly been trying to understand how the globally constructed idea of climate change travels and is translated across a distance.

Name: Bartholomew Dean

Affiliation: University of Kansas and Museo Regional-Universidad Nacional de San Martín

Contact details: Department of Anthropology, University of Kansas Lawrence, KS 66045-7556 USA & Museo Regional-Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Tarapoto, San Martín, Peru

Geographical/topical area of interest: Amazonia & Indigenous Peoples; Climate Change; Environmental Racism; Ecocide & Human Rights

Name: Carlos Del Cairo

Affiliation: Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Universidad Javeriana (Colombia)

Contact details: Carlos Del Cairo, Ph.D.
Departamento de Antropología
Facultad de Ciencias Sociales
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Carrera 5 No. 39-00 Edificio 95.  Bogotá, D.C. Colombia
Phone number: +57(1) 320 8320 Ext. 5894

Statement of interest: I am interested in issues of political ecology and identity politics in Amazonian populations. Particularly, I currently work on issues of ecotourism and peasants populations, indigenous relations with the environment and the political tensions of producing natures, populations and spaces in areas of social conflict.

Geographical/topical area of interest: Latin America, Colombia, Amazon.