Name: Bob Pokrant

Affiliation: Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Department of Social Sciences and Security Studies, School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts, Faculty of Humanities, Curtin University

Contact setails: Email

Statement of interest: My main interest is in the relationship between development and environment, particularly the ways in which local communities in South Asia perceive, understand and deal with changes in their local environments. My interest goes beyond the narrowly defined notion of environment to include how humans are embedded within networks of social and ecological relations that include other-than-humans. Of special interest is community adaptation to climate change in coastal Bangladesh. I have carried out field work in Bangladesh for 20 years on fisheries, aquaculture and adaptation to climate change.

Another interest is alternative development pathways for wealthy and less wealthy countries that aim at creating thriving communities at minimal environmental cost.  

Geographical/topical area of interest: South Asia, particularly Bangladesh.