(Formerly JVC Professional Student Video Prize until 2003)

2023   The Future of Work? (Yihao Yan, China/Thailand)  
  Commendations Ten by Ten (Jami L. Bennett, United Kingdom/Korea)  
    A Family Portrait (Shubham Sharma, Germany/India)  
2021   Unwritten Letters (Max Bloching & Abd Alrahman Dukmak, Italy, 2020)  
  Commendations The Daring Young Girl on the Flying Trapeze (Nina Ross, 2020)  
    In Aiye’s Garden (Eyob Defersha, Ethiopia, 2019)  
    Ocak (Zeynep Kaserçi, Turkey, 2020)  
    Those Who Have Eyes to See (Melanie Grant, Trinidad, 2019)  

2019   The Absence of Apricots (Daniel Asadi Faezi, Pakistan/Germany, 2018)  
  Commendations It Was Tomorrow (Alexandra D’onofrio, Italy/UK, 2018)  
    A Very Dai Girl (MengHua Zhang, China, 2018)  
2017   Fighting for Nothing to Happen (Nora Wildenauer, Netherlands/Indonesia, 2015) *  
  Special Commendation Treasured Moments (Ravi Hart Lloyd, UK, 2016) *  
2015   Leaving Greece (Anna Brass, Germany, 2013) *  
  Special Commendation Cast in India (Natasha Raheja, USA, 2014)
2013   Playing With Nan (Dipesh Kharel, Asami Saito, Nepal, Japan, 2012) *  
  Special Commendations Vultures of Tibet (Russel O.Bush, Craig Campbell, USA, Canada, 2013)  
    Djeneba: The Lifeworld of a Minyanka Woman of Southern Mali (Bata Diallo, Norway, 2011)   
2011   Juarke Boys Made Men in Mboum Society (Mohamadou Saliou, Norway, 2010)  
    Men of Words (Johanne Ihle, Yemen, UK, 2009) *  
    Blackstone Edge (Susan Butterworth, UK, 2010)  
    Uncle Joh Still Has a Farm (Trude Berge Ottersen, Norway, 2010)  

2009   Sermiligaaq 65º54’N, 36º22’W (Anni Seitz, Sophie Elixhauser, Germany, 2008) *  
  Special Commendations Enet Yapai - an Ambonwari Girl (Daniela Vávrová, Slovenia, 2008) *  
    Black Mountain (Charlotte Whitby-Coles, Amin Hajee, UK/India, 2008) *  
2007   Sona and her Family (Daniela Rusnoková, Slovakia, 2006)  
2005   Lukas' Moment (Aryo Danusiri, Norway/ Indonesia, 2005)  
  Special Commendations The Small Man of the Forest An Anthropology of Research (Hugh Hartford, UK, 2004) *  
    In Search of the Hamat'sa: A tale of Headhunting (Aaron Glass, USA, 2004) *  
    Fountain Of Youth (Daniel Vernon, UK, 2005)  
    My Brother My Enemy (Masood Khan and Kamaljeet Negi, UK, 2005)  
2003   Adhiambo: Born in the Evening (Ruth Prince, Wenzel Geissler, Gisela Tuchtenhagen, UK/Denmark, 2001) *  
    Life on the Tracks (Edita Carolino, UK/Philipines, 2003)  
    Ravi and Bhajay (Rachel Webster, UK, 2002) *  
  Special Commendations At the End of the Day (Claus Erichsen, UK, 2002)  
    Call for Grace (Latitia Merli, France/UK, 2002) *  
    Dim Sum (A little bit of Heart) (Jane Wong, China, 2003)  
    Lost in the City (Jin Xueli, China, 2003)  
    Safar (The Journey) (Sandhya Suri, UK, 2002)  
    Steel Lives (Massimiliano Mollona, UK, 2001) *  
    The Most Admired Man (Julia Berg, Germany/UK, 2001) *  
2000   Oyakata (The Master) (Aya Domenig, Switzerland, 1999)  
  Special Commendation Domov (Rosie Read, UK, 2000) *  

1998   Uncle John (Juliet Jordan, UK, 1997)  
  Special Commendations Drake and Son (Tim Clements, UK, 1997)  
    Hasta la Memoria, Siempre (Even Memories) (Rodrigo Vazquez, Argentina, 1997)  
    The Thompsons (Andy Lawrence, UK, 1996) *  
1996   Without Fathers or Husbands (Cai Hua, China, 1995) *  
1994   Osaka Story (Toichi Nakata, UK, 1994)  
  Special Commendation Leaving Bakul Bagan (Sandeep Ray, USA, 1994)  
1992   Almighty, Satan and the Boys (Lone Sahl-Liboriussen and Paul Utting, Denmark, 1992)  
  Special Commendations A Velha/Old Lady (Janine Prins, UK, 1992)  
    In and Out of Africa (Illisa Barbash and Lucien Taylor, USA, 1992) *  
    Something Old, Something New (Marinella Nicolson, USA, 1991)  
    Sahar's Wedding (Hanna Musleh, USA) *  
1990   Over the Threshold (Christine Lloyd-Fitt and Tesuka Yoshi. Japan/UK, 1989)  
  Special Commendations Why Wear White (Sarah Cole, UK, 1989)  

* distributed by the RAI