tatiana_bulgakovaDr Tatiana Bulgakova (Russia) 'Bringing traditional Nanay knowledge from the archive to the school' (2005)

In the context of recent rapid cultural change, unique linguistic and cultural inheritance of the Nanay (Tungus-Manchurian people, who live in Far East of Russia) is endangered. The majority of field materials are mostly kept in private archives. These have never been described, nor well systemized (Russian Anthropology is notorious for losing the valuable field collections outside the public archives). Because of the RAI fellowship (2005-2006), I could digitize the oldest part of my field records (1980-1990) and publish a schoolbook for Nanay children,  ”Nanay Literature” (2007), which is now widely used in schools. That inestimable contribution to preserving Nanay culture did not, however, solve all the problems related to returning to grandchildren the materials collected from their grandparents. My later audio-records (1991-2003 cassettes) and photos should also be digitized and all the records (including those already digitized) should be placed in public archives. Also, not only folklore, but also other traditional knowledge should be included in schoolbooks and returned to the younger generations.



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