2020 Professor Judith Okely    

2019 Dr María Martínon-Torres    
2018 Dr Madeleine Reeves    
2017 Dr Dan Hicks    
2016 Professor Ruth Finnegan    
2015 Professor Chris Hann    
2014 Professor Trevor Marchand    
2013 Professor Phyllis Lee    
2012 Professor Nigel Rapport    
2011 Professor Robert Foley    
2010 Professor Stephen Shennan    

2009 Professor Wendy James    
2008 Professor Daniel Miller    
  Professor Brian Morris    
2007 Professor Andrew Whiten    
2006 Professor Paul Sillitoe    
2005 Professor Clive Gamble    
2004 Professor Chris Stringer    
2003 Dr Robert Layton    
2002 Dr Maurice Bloch    
2001   No Award  
2000 Professor Adam Kuper    

1999 Professor Caroline Humphrey    
1998 Dr Nicholas Thomas    
1997 Dr James Carrier    
1996 Dr. Ray Abrahams    
1995 Dr Simon Harrison    
1994 Professor Michael Herzfeld    
1993 Professor R.W. Wrangham    
1992 Professor Ladislav Holy    
1991 Dr Dan Sperber    
1990 Dr C.G.N. Mascie-Taylor    

1989 Dr Tim Ingold    
1988 Dr Alfred Gell    
1987   No Award  
1986 Professor John Blacking    
1985 Professor David Parkin    
1984 Dr Alan Macfarlane    
1983 Dr Maurice Bloch    
1982 Professor Elizabeth Colson    
1981   No Award  
1980 Professor Abner Cohen    

1979 Professor Colin Renfrew    
1978 Professor Phillip Tobias    
1977 Dr Peter Ucko    
1976 Professor A. Strathern    
  Dr. M. Strathern    
1975 Professor J.R. Goody    
1974 Dr D.F. Pocock    
1973 Dr S.J. Tambiah    
1972 Dr J. Waechter    
1971   No Award  
1970 Dr Rodney Needham    

1969 Professor J.S. Weiner    
1968 Professor Mary Douglass    
  Professor Eric Higgs    
1967 Dr Philip Mayer    
  Professor N.A. Barnicot    
1966 Professor Gulliver    
1965 Professor V. Turner    
1964 Professor Adrian Mayer    
1963 Derek Stenning    
1962 Professor H. Lehman    
1961 Hilda Kuper    
1960 Professor J.C. Mitchell. The Rhodesias and Ngasa Land  

1959 Professor J.A. Barnes Norway and Rhodesia  
1958 Dr E.R. Leach Kurdistan & North Burma  
1957 Dr Phyllis M. Kaberry    
1956 Professor Daryll Forde    
1955 Professor M.N. Srinivas    
1954 Professor Max Gluckman    
1953 Dr Donald F. Thomson for fieldwork in Arnhem Land  
1952 Dr L.S.B. Leakey for archaeological and anthropological fieldwork in East Africa  
  Professor Monica Wilson for socio-anthropological fieldwork in Southern Africa  
1951 Dr R.F. Fortune for fieldwork in Melanesia and North America  
1950 Dr S.F. Nadel for fieldwork in Northern Nigeria and the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan  

1949 Dr C. von Fürer Haimendorf for fieldwork in Hyderabad-Deccan and Assam  
1948 Dr Verrier Elwin for fieldwork in India  
1947 Dr Meyer Fortes for fieldwork in the Northern territories of the Gold Coast, in Ashanti and in Nigeria  
1946 Ian H. Hogbin for fieldwork in Ontong Java, Solomon Islands and New Guinea  
1945 J. Eric Thompson for fieldwork in Central America  
  Dr. Audrey I. Richards for fieldwork among the Bemba of Northern Rhodesia  
1944 James Hornell for fieldwork in the coastal areas of India, Africa and Indonesia, and in the Pacific Islands  
1943 Beatrice Mary Blackwood for fieldwork in North America and Melanesia  
1942 James Philip Mills for fieldwork among the Nagas of Assam  
1941 Dr Diamon Jenness for fieldwork in Arctic America.  
1940 Dr Raymond Firth for fieldwork in Tokopia  

1939 Professor Isaac Schapera for fieldwork in the Bechuanaland Protectorate  
1938 Dorothy Ann Elizabeth Garrod for fieldwork in Gibraltar, South Kurdistan and Palestine  
1937 Dr Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard for anthropological fieldwork in the Sudan and Kenya  
1936 Professor Peter H. Buck (Te Rangi Hioa), for anthropological fieldwork in New Zealand and in Central and Eastern Polynesia  
1935 Professor A.M. Hocart for fieldwork in Melanesia, Polynesia and Ceylon  
1934 Miss Gertrude Caton-Thompson for fieldwork in Egypt, the Libyan Desert and Rhodesia  
1933 Mrs Brenda Zara Seligman for anthropological fieldwork in Ceylon and the Sudan  
1932 Melville Williams Hilton for fieldwork in Algeria, Sahara and Belgian Congo  
1931 Rev. E.W. Smith for fieldwork in Northern Rhodesia  
1930 Professor Bronislaw Malinowski for fieldwork in Melanesia  

1929 John Henry Hutton for fieldwork in the Naga Hills (Assam) .  
1928 Sidney H. Ray for research on linguistics in the Torres Straits;  
  Emil Torday for research in the ethnology and ethnography of the Congo Basin  
1927 Sir W. Baldwin Spencer for fieldwork in Central and Northern Australia  
1926 Professor Edward Westermarck for fieldwork in Morocco  
1925 Professor C.G. Seligman for fieldwork in New Guinea, Ceylon and the Sudan  
1924 Dr A.C. Haddon for fieldwork in the Torres Straits, New Guinea and Sarawak