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Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund


Thank you for agreeing to act as a referee for this application to the Emslie Horniman Anthropological Scholarship Fund. The aim of the Fund is to help graduate students to undertake fieldwork on any aspect of anthropology in the wider sense including ethnology, ethnography, and all other branches of science relating to the social, physical and natural development of human beings.

Far more applications are made to the Fund than it can support. The Trustees are therefore dependent to a considerable extent upon the opinions of the referees in their difficult task in selecting the best candidates. They will be most grateful for a full and frank assessment of the applicant; in particular they would appreciate comments, where relevant, on the following:

  • the reliability of the applicant to see through the project and his/her ability to write a full report on its completion
  • the originality of the proposed project and its relevance
  • the feasibility of the proposed project, specifically with regards to its methods and timescale.

Please enclose your reference in an envelope and sign across the seal. Please return your reference to the applicant in good time for them to submit their application before the closing date of 31st March. Alternatively you can send it electronically as a PDF direct to

Many thanks for your assistance.

Yours sincerely,


Amanda Vinson
Office Manager