Correspondence with and from A.B. Brewster and related papers on Fiji, etc.

Various papers (in folder). 35 x 27 cm

Typewritten and holograph

Contents :

/1 The origin of the Qali Yalatina, translated by Ratu Sukuna; The Yalatina annual festival, translated by Ratu Sukuna; The annual yam festival, translated by A.B. Brewster and B. Glanvill Corney; letters dated 1913 and 1921 from A.B. Brewster on the Yalatina tribe

/2 Notes on Singatoka clans of Colo West, by A.B. Brewster; ‘Ra Lulu’, my lord the owl and other bird notes; letters dated 1920-1, 1923

/3 Letters from and to A.B. Brewster, dated Sep. 1923 on Fijian tribal histories

/4 On reproduction of ‘British Guiana Public Buildings, Demerara’

/5 Newspaper cuttings

/6 Holograph entitled: Who was Degei? 13 leaves

Presented by the Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society, 8 March 1960

Microfilm (negative) held of MSS 219, 220, 221; placed with "collection"