‘Native law & customs’ transmits reports on, [by Travelling Commissioners; forwarded by] His Excellency Sir George C. Derton, KCMG, Governor to the Right Honourable The Secretary of State for the Colonies, London, No. 61 [70] 27th April 1908, [2 May 1908]

5 pts. 13 phots. (in pocket). 32.5 x 19 cm


Contents :

/1 The laws and customs of the Mandingos of the North Bank Territory of the Gambia Protectorate, by H. Lloyd Price

/2 … Report on the Jolah people, their customs and habits, by G.H. Sangster; [Somita Fogni, 26 May 1907]

/3 [Laws and customs of the Jolluf people, by J.K. McCallum; Lamin Koto, 25 March 1907]

/4 Notes on the physical distribution of the country, and political organisation of the Fullahs of the Gambia, their customs, laws, etc., by W.B. Stanley: [Sunkunda, 17 March 1907; covering letter dated 24 March 1907]

/5 Report on the committee appointed to collect particulars with regard to tribal marks and to classify them, by H.F. Sproston, C.W. Thomas, C.C. Johnson and Ebrimah Fye

Pts. 1-4 inscribed by hand on leaf 1: ‘Enclosure no. 1[2, 3, 4 respectively] in Gambia desp. no. 61 of 27 April 1908’; stamped: C.O. 17375 … Recd. 15 May 08; pt. 6 inscribed: ‘Enclosure in Gambia desp. no. 70 of 2 May 08’; stamped: C.O. 17736 … Recd. 18 May 08