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At its Council meeting on 15 Dec. 1863, the Anthropological Society resolved to constitute a Committee 'to arrange a Dinner of the Society' (see Council minutes, A3:1, f. 41). The dinner took place on 3 Jan. 1864 at its Anniversary Meeting (A8, Supplement 2/12) and appears to have been an annual event since subsequent dinners were held on 2 Jan. 1866 and 1 Jan. 1867 (A8, Supplement 2/14, 25) with C. Carter Blake as Secretary of the Dinner Committee for the latter; wine merchants bills are held for 2 Feb. and 14 June 1866 (A7, ff. 125, 152). The Council meeting of 5 Jan. 1869 'Resolved that the Annual Dinner of the Fellows and their friends be announced in the General Circular and at the Evening Meetings...' (A3:1, f, 387). In addition to these annual dinners, the Anthropological Society hosted a Public Farewell Dinner to Capt. R.F. Burton, Vice-President on 4 Apr. 1865 at St. James's Hall before his departure to Santos, Brazil as Consul.

The archive is divided into sections, centring on the awards for each year. The material relating to each candidate is located in the section corresponding to the year the award was first made, even if it subsequently covers other years. Where relevant, each section also covers correspondence to Trustees and, for the earlier years only, material dealing with unsuccessful candidates.

Papers relating to some students are not available. The names of these students are marked with an asterisk.