The list below is classified by alphabetical order.

Council on 25 May 1943 appointed a committee 'to consider plans for the observance of the centenary' of its forerunner the Ethnological Society which held its foundation meeting on 7 Feb. 1843. The centenary was held on 30 Oct. 1943 at the Royal Society where lunch was served after addresses by Prof. J.H. Hutton, President, Sir John L. Myres on 'A centenary of our work', and Lord Hailey on 'The role of anthropology in colonial development'. The afternoon session was held at the RAI, 21 Bedford Square. Short addresses on 'The future of anthropology' were given by Dr G.M. Morant, Prof. V.G. Childe, R.U. Sayce, and (Prof. Sir) Raymond Firth; tea concluded the day. See Council minutes, 23 Mar., 25 May, 5 Oct., 11 Nov. 1943, and 25 Jan. 1944, CM/72/3,f.413,/72/4,f.430,/73/1, f.422,/73/2, f.425,/73/3, f.427; and Man, July/Aug. 1943, No. 63; Sep./Oct. 1943, Nos. 8,102; Jan./Feb. 1944, Nos. 1-9 records the loyal address, and addresses read during the morning and afternoon sessions with discussions during the latter; Mar./Apr. 1944, No. 51; and Report of Council, 1943/4, JRAI, Vol. 74, 1944, p. 98.

The Hon. Editor of Man, W.B. Fagg, arranged for Christmas cards to be available to Fellows from 1953 to 1962; most of them were reproductions of plates that had already appeared in Man. The only reference to cards for 1954-5 is in a letter of 19 Sep. 1957 (see 99/3/10); there is no correspondence or cards for three years unless the card at 99/9/1 is for one of these years. There are two references to these cards in Council minutes, 8 Oct. and 5 Nov. 1953 both referring to the numbers of orders received, in the latter to 4236 orders with a print order of 4500 (CM/83/1-2, Items 7a and 1 respectively).