The list below is classified by alphabetical order.

Nominal ledgers of expenditure and receipts. 1915-70.

Pass books for current and deposit accounts with Coutts & Co. 1920-41. 6 vols.

In 1924, Council appointed an India Research Committee ‘of which the function will be to afford a meeting-place for discussion among those in this country who are interested in the study of Indian ethnology, archaeology, folk-lore, and religions, to co-operate with workers resident in India....’. Publication of the Indian Antiquary was taken over from the proprietor and editor, Sir Richard Temple, as a means of furthering its work and preserving a record of its proceedings. The editors were Sir Richard Temple, CB, CIE, FBA, FSA, S.M. Edwardes, CSI, CVO and Professor S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar (Indian editor). See also A114/5. H.J.E. Peake was appointed Chairman and F.J. Richards as Secretary of the Committee. See ‘Report of the Council for the year 1924’, JRAI, Vol. 55, 1925, pp. 4-5.