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In 1924, Council appointed an India Research Committee ‘of which the function will be to afford a meeting-place for discussion among those in this country who are interested in the study of Indian ethnology, archaeology, folk-lore, and religions, to co-operate with workers resident in India....’. Publication of the Indian Antiquary was taken over from the proprietor and editor, Sir Richard Temple, as a means of furthering its work and preserving a record of its proceedings. The editors were Sir Richard Temple, CB, CIE, FBA, FSA, S.M. Edwardes, CSI, CVO and Professor S. Krishnaswami Aiyangar (Indian editor). See also A114/5. H.J.E. Peake was appointed Chairman and F.J. Richards as Secretary of the Committee. See ‘Report of the Council for the year 1924’, JRAI, Vol. 55, 1925, pp. 4-5.

A25/        RAI. Journal

Reports of referees on papers ‘proposed to be read before the Institute’ covering the following queries: I – As to reading: (1) Do you recommend the paper to be read? (2) Do you recommend any omission in the reading of it? (a) As merely general observations? (b) As unnecessarily controversial? (c) For any other reason? – II – As to publication: (1) Does the paper contain: (a) New facts? (b) New views on the bearing of admitted facts? (c) Apparently well-founded correction of important errors as to the matter of fact? (2) Do you recommend it to be printed? (a) At length? (b) In abstract? (c) With any omission or alteration? If so, please mark it in pencil (3) Does it require illustration? If so to what extent? (4) Have you any further suggestions for the guidance of the Editor of the Journal? 28 Mar. 1893 – 12 May 1938. See also A9 for record of date of receipt, etc.

Register of the despatch of the Journal, Vols. 23-7; Vol. 28, New Series, Vol. 1, 1894-9.