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The RAI Museum Collection covers material received from 1851 to 1986 and attempts to account for all artifacts, paintings and portraits acquired and their present location. Some material was inherited from the Ethnological and Anthropological Societies in 1871 and it has acquired material throughout its history. However, Council minutes, 10 Feb. 1880, f. 354 records 'The Library and Museum Committee was instructed to take into consideration the disposal of the accumulation of Ethnological objects in the possession of the Institute'. In Jan. 1881 it was decided to sell the Ethnological collection and to spend the funds on acquiring books for the Library; the Burmese gong was sold to A.W. Franks, Curator of the Christy Collection and the remainder to General Pitt-Rivers 'with a view of their being ultimately deposited at South Kensington' (see Report of Council, 1880 presented to the AGM, 25 Jan. 1881, JAI, 1880, Vol. 10, pp. 438-9). Though there are a number of references in Council minutes and in the Report of Council, these have not all been accounted for (see rough list of references in Council minutes, /7 below); many specimens displayed during lectures were presented to the British Museum. An instance of the former, Prof. C. Daryll Forde proposed to present a bronze head of Aleš Hrdlicka (Council minutes, 8 Nov. 1962, Item 9c, f. 163); there is no record of it being received.

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