The Ethnological Society was founded in 1843. In 1871 it merged with the Anthropological Society of London to form the Anthropological Institute. Details of the publications of the Anthropological Society are given in A113 and those of the Anthropological Institute in A114.

1/1-6    Journal of the Ethnological Society of London. 6 Vols. 1848-70. Edited by Thomas Wright, Honorary Secretary (see Minutes of the Ethnological Society f. 319)

Vol. 1. Selected papers from vols. 1 and 2, 1848-50 [a complete copy of vol. 1 is held at A1:1]; vol. 2, 1850; vol. 3, 1854; vol. 4, 1856; vol. 5 is vol. 1 New Series, 1868-9; edited by Prof. Huxley, George Busk, Sir John Lubbock, Col. A. Lane Fox and Hyde Clarke, sub-editor J.H. Lamprey; includes: Report of the Council May 1869, Officers and Council for 1868-9, List of Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Corresponding Members, Officers and Council for 1869-70, Laws of the Ethnological Society 1864, Officers and Council for 1863-4, index; vol. 6 is vol. 2 New Series, 1869-70; editors as before; sub-editor, F.W. Rudler; includes: Annual Report 1870, Officers and Council for 1870-1, List of Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Corresponding Members

2/1-7    Transactions of the Ethnological Society of London. 7 vols. 1861-9

Vols. 2-7 include lists of the Officers and Council; vols. 2, 4-7 include lists of Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Corresponding Members; vols. 5-6 include a Report of the Council