Minutes and papers. 1919-20.

This Committee, also known as the Megalithic Committee, was one of the two Research Committees set up by Council in 1919; the other was the Graig-Lwyd Committee (see A67; and the Report of the Council, 1919). The Committee was also referred to in the Report of the Council, 1920 and there is a note ‘Committee for the Classification and Distribution of Rude Stone Monuments and Allied Structures’ in Man, May 1920, Item 41. The Chairman was Prof. Wm. Wright and the Secretary, Prof. H.J. Fleure. The British Association issued a printed letter giving Dr R.R. Marett as Chairman, Prof. H.J. Fleure as Secretary, and Prof. J.L. Myres and H.J. Peake as members of the Committee (see /2 verso below). There appears to have been only one meeting of the Committee (see /2 recto below). Apart from the references to the Committee in 1919-20, one reference in Man, no references in the JRAI or the Executive Committee minutes, there were no other references to it.

1 recto    Names of members of the Committee; draft of the card to be used in collecting information; record of some subscriptions received in July 1919 (autogr., some in the hand of Prof. H.J. Fleure); see Council minutes, 18 Mar. 1919, ff. 382-3 for the appointment of the Committee and the names of those appointed to it

1 verso    ‘A scheme for organised research’, Man, June 1919, Item 53 (proof); at head: Committee for the Cataloguing of Prehistoric Stone Monuments (in the hand of Prof. H.J. Fleure)

2 recto    Minutes of the first meeting of the Committee, 2 July 1919, signed: Wm. Wright, 8 Jan. 1920 (autogr. by Prof. H.J. Fleure)

2 verso    British Association for the Advancement of Science to Prof. H.J. Fleure, Oct. 1919 – on his appointment to the Committee to Report on the Classification and Distribution of Rude Stone Monuments; Chairman: Dr R.R. Marett, Secretary: Prof. H.J. Fleure and members of the Committee, Prof. J.L. Myres and H.J. Peake; digest of rules regarding research committees (printed)

3    Prof. William Wright to Vice-Admiral Boyle T. Somerville, 20 Aug. 1919 – the recently formed Committee is anxious to have his assistance; invites him to join it; outlines work and aims of the Committee; lists other members of the Committee; invites him and Mrs Somerville to tea; Reginald Smith will be staying with them (autogr.)

4    Vice-Admiral Boyle T. Somerville’s ‘Suggestions to Rude Stone Mon paper, 13 Feb. 1920’. 4 pp. (autogr., initialled BTS); pp. 2, 4 have a line through and are unrelated to the Committee

5    ‘Draft classification of Rude Stone Monuments and Allied Structures’. 4 leaves (tpc., annotated by Admiral Somerville)

6    Prof. H.J. Fleure to Vice-Admiral Boyle T. Somerville, 23 Feb. 1920 – thanks him for his letter (not held); has adopted most of his suggestions in the revised draft; explains about the cards (see /1 recto above); unable to have it printed as the allocation of space for each item varied (autogr.); gives members of the Committee at head of notepaper