Minutes and diary of the Committee appointed by the British Association 12 Sept. 1902 - 7 Sept. 1908.

See also A10:4/2/10; 11:1/1/5/15; 11:1/5/20; 13/3/1.

Present at the first meeting at Queen's College, Belfast: Prof. Cleland (Chairman); J. Gray (Secretary; RAI Council member); Prof. D.J. Cunningham (later Chairman, 1903-9); J.L. Myres (Hon. Secretary, RAI; resigned 1903); Prof. A.F. Dixon; Dr T.H. Bryce; E.N. Fallaize (RAI Council member).

1    Inserted ff. 67-8: Proof of the Report of the Committee consisting of Prof. Arthur Thomson (Chairman); J. Gray (Secretary); and Dr F.C. Shrubsall from the Report of the British Association, Section H, Sheffield, 1910.

2    Invert book: Notes dated 29 July 1903.