Honorary Editor(s) of the Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Further particulars

The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute is one of the world’s premier anthropology journals, and has been the journal of record in the United Kingdom since its inception. The RAI seeks to appoint a new honorary editor or editors that will take over from the current editors Professor Hannah Knox, Dr Adam Reed, Dr Chika Watanabe, and Professor Tom Yarrow, whose present term of office comes to an end on 30 September 2024, with the completion of volume 30 (December 2024). Applications from individuals will be considered, as will those from an editorial team or collective.

It is likely that the person or persons appointed will have the following skills and attributes:

  • A demonstrable commitment to anthropology, with an active record of publication and research.
  • A readiness to work with online submissions systems, and to achieve a prompt turnaround of articles.
  • A willingness to represent the Journal to the outside world.
  • An ability to reflect and promote the RAI’s commitment to all the subfields of anthropology.

The editor may be from any field of anthropology. As the editorial structure is currently conceived, they will work closely with Associate Editors in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology who will manage submissions in those subfields.

The position is honorary. However, it comes with a support package, which may be used to cover any teaching or administrative relief that the editors’ institutions can provide, attend conferences, and for other uses to advance the JRAI. The work of the editor(s) includes:

  • Management and soliciting of manuscript submissions using online systems (initial decisions, finding reviewers, collating completed reviews, communicating with authors about decisions)
  • Reporting to and attending RAI meetings
  • Working with the Publications Committee on Special Issues.
  • Communicating with the Associate Editors for Archaeology and Biological Anthropology, Book Reviews Editor, and the Editorial Board
  • Working with the publisher (Wiley), copy editor, and proofreader
  • Developing and maintaining any new journal initiatives.

An Editorial Assistant will support the editor(s) with administrative tasks, such as managing the day-to-day running of the journal and replying to email queries. The RAI Council and Publications Committee also provide advice and support to the editor(s).

Informal enquiries may be made to the current Lead Editor or to the RAI Director, The current Editorial Collective would be happy to offer an online information session for anyone interested in the position. Please contact the Lead Editor if you would like to arrange one.
The new incoming editors are expected to be in place by the end of March 2024 in order to facilitate a smooth transition, and to play an active role in editorial decisions on papers soon after that. The new editors will take up office fully on 1 October 2024. Applicants should submit a cover letter to outlining their approach to editing and vision for the journal and a full CV. It is likely that the successful applicant(s) will be appointed for three years, with an optional fourth year.

The closing date for applications is 6 February 2024. Shortlisted candidates are likely to be invited for interview in mid-March 2024.