Prices for videos:

  • £50/$105/€75 for each PAL or NTSC video tape or DVD (except for the Netsilik Eskimo series; Strangers Abroad series; and Granda Centre films)
  • Postage and Packing: £1.50 per video tape in Britain; £2.50/$5.00/€3.75 per video tape in rest of Europe, £4.50/$9.00/€7.00 per video tape in all other countries. (P&P may be reduced for orders over 3 video tapes — please inquire)
  • VAT on video tapes and P&P at 15% (applicable only to customers in European Union countries)
  • Study Guides, where available, are £2.00/$4.50/€3.00 each, with no VAT due

Prices for Strangers Abroad Series Films:

  • Each programme is £60/$125/€90 (all 6 programmes for the price of 5)
  • P&P and VAT as described above

Prices for Student Films (and Staff films Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology):

  • Each programme is £15/$30/€20
  • P&P and VAT as described above

Prices for RAI Film Library Catalogues, Volumes I & II:

These catalogues list RAI films and videos that are available for hire (within the UK and Ireland only). They are a useful resource in their own right, providing extensive entries and bibliographic references on nearly 200 films in total. A supplementary list is included for those titles acquired after the publication of the catalogues.


  • £9.00/$14.40/ €13.00 per catalogue
  • £2.50/$4.00/ €2.30 postage and packing
  • No VAT on catalogues

Prices for Netsilik Eskimo Series:

Condition of sale for all videos, study guides, and catalogues:

  • For non-commercial use only.
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