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The 15th RAI Film Festival will take place from Wednesday 29 March to Saturday 1 April 2017 at the Watershed Cinema in Bristol, United Kingdom. It is supported by The Center for Visual Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Dornsife College, University of Southern California.

The Festival will showcase a selection of films competing in five prize categories.
(RAI Film Prize; Basil Wright Prize; Student; Material Culture and Archaeology; Intangible Culture: Music-Dance-Performance).

Parallel events will include curated sidebars, workshops and master classes, with particular emphasis on student filmmaking. The work of Jean Rouch on the centenary of his birth will be celebrated.

Film submissions will open in July 2016 and close in late September 2016.

The RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film is held biennially with the first edition held in 1985. Host institutions in the past have included Leeds Met University, University of Manchester, University of Oxford, University of Durham, University of Kent at Canterbury, Goldsmiths College, SOAS, University College London and University of Edinburgh. In 2015 the Festival was for the first time held at the Watershed Cinema in Bristol.

The film festival normally extends over four days and is organised jointly by the Film Committee of the RAI and a host institution. Some host institutions have organised a conference on a theme related to ethnographic film or visual anthropology more broadly, in association with the festival.

Filmmakers throughout the world are invited to submit films for screening during the festival and for the various prizes and awards administered by the RAI.

Further information and rules & conditions for film submission will soon be posted on the dedicated RAI Festival website or see the following downloads for our festival:

For any enquiries please contact: Caterina Sartori, Film Officer & Festival Manager, Royal Anthropological Institute, 50 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 5BT, United Kingdom; email; phone: +44 (0)20 7387 0455.

In this section you will find study guides and a selection of film related web links.

The Institute has a Film and Video Library from which items may be borrowed within the UK.  You can find a list of the films available for hire here.

An on-line version of The Royal Anthropological Institute Film Catalogue, Vol. I, including detailed descriptions of films and bibliographical entries, is partially available on-line here.

A full electronic version of The Royal Anthropological Institute Film Catalogue, Vol. II, including detailed descriptions of films and bibliographical entries, is available on-line here.

Please note: a new RAI Video Sales site is under construction and will go live soon.

The RAI distributes over 300 DVD and video titles for educational use. The holdings below are arranged in alphabetical order by title, except when the titles begin with the words The or A, whereupon the dvds/cassettes are alphabetised by the following word. Student films, and staff films from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology are listed in separate sections. Pricing and ordering information is given below.

Titles are distributed world-wide except where otherwise indicated. Please get in touch for alternative distributors if not indicated.

For latest updates and new titles please see New Additions or contact the Film Officer.