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With Morning Hearts (Doon School Series, 2)

rai doon with morning heartsSeries Doon School Project
Director David MacDougall
Country/Production Australia
Release 2001
Length 110 mins
Format Colour / DVD / PAL
Location Dehra Dun, Uttaranchal, India / Asia
Ethnic Group Indian
Collection MacDougall
Comments Special rate for ordering whole Doon School Series, 5 for 4

Order No RAI-200.301
Sale Info See Film Prices General Collection; Not for Sale in the USA
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This film continues MacDougall's long-term study of an elite boys' boarding school in northern India. It focuses on a group of twelve-year-olds during their first year in one of the 'houses' for new boys. The film concerns their attachment to the house, but, more importantly, their attachment to one another in a communal life. It follows, in particular, the experiences of one boy and several of his close associates, from their initial homesickness, to their life as member of the group, to their separation from the house at the end of the year.

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