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Tigers Apprentice

Tigers Apprentice. © T Nguyen

Director M. Trinh Nguyen
Country/Production USA
Release 1998
Length 57 mins
Format Colour / DVD or VHS / PAL / All region
Location Vietnam / Asia
Ethnic Group Viatnamese
Language English & Vietnamese w/subtitles
Prizes/Commendations Basil Wright Film Prize 2000

Order No RAI-200.315
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Tiger's Apprentice is the story of m. Trinh Nguyen's journey to her native Vietnam. She observes and documents her great-uncle's folk medicine practices treating many patients and making his medicines for tumours, leprosy, and infections. She also seeks out people cured by her great-uncle, talks to local doctors and herbalists, battle Vietnamese government censors fearful her footage might make them seem backward to the Western world, and ultimately realises that through her investigation she has unwittingly begun to apprentice.

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