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The Dream of Maelen

The Dream of Maelen. © GCVA

Series Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology Student Film
Director Eirik Sandberg
Country/Production UK
Release 2003
Length 25 mins
Format Colour / DVD / PAL / All region
Location Norway / Europe
Ethnic Group Norwegian
Collection GCVA, School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester
University School of Social Sciences, The University of Manchester

Order No RAI-200.3060
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Arne Bakke Mælen lives alone on the small family farm he inherited on the edge of a fjord. The farm is no longer viable economically and, like many small farmers in Norway, he has not found a woman to share this life. But for Arne, the landscape is suffused with memory and he does not wish to leave. Instead he dreams of making a living as a wood sculptor, distilling the intensity of his feelings into works of art.

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