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Holy Hustlers

Holy Hustlers. © R Werbner

Series The Well Being Quest in Botswana
Director Richard Werbner
Country/Production UK
Release 2009
Length 53 mins
Format Colour / DVD / PAL / All region
Location Botwana / Africa
Ethnic Group Pan-ethnic; Twana, Kalanga, Tswapong, Birwa, Kgaladi
Language English, Twana, Kalanga (English Sugtitles)
University University of Manchester
Comments Special price 4 for 3, when buying the whole series

Order No RAI-200.338
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Charismatic, street-wise young men, living in Botswana’s capital, command the prophetic domain in Eloyi, their Apostolic faith-healing church, at a time of escalating crisis. Bitter, sinful accusations divide Eloyi’s village-based archbishop and his son, the city based bishop. The church itself, seen to be ‘under destruction’, splits.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, prophets are seen in trance, whirling in ecstasy, praying, running wild in exorcism and feeling patients’ pain in their own bodies. But beyond empathy and avowed compassion, prophets hustle and shock.

This film illuminates the creative tension between holiness and hustling by showing how, in this Apostolic church’s time of crisis, city prophets assert themselves powerfully because they are both holy and hustlers.

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