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Democracía Indígena

Democracía Indígena. © BP Lane

Director Bruce Pacho Lane
Country/Production USA / Mexico
Release 2000
Length 39 mins
Format Colour / DVD or VHS / PAL / All region
Location Mexico, Huehuetla, Puebla / America

Order No RAI-200.318
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This film examines the indigenous rights revolution sweeping Mexico through the municipal elections in Huehuetla, Puebla. In 1989, the Huehuetla Totonacs formed the Organización Independiente Totonaca (OIT), and joined in an electoral alliance with the Partido de la Revolución Democratica (PRD). For ten years the OIT and the PRD carried out a non-violent revolution. The visible signs of this Totonac renaissance are the health clinics, schools, roads, drinking water and electricity. But the real change is in the new self-confidence and pride of the Totonacs themselves. The camera follows Cruz Garcia, an "expatriate" Totonac, as he returns to his community

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