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Consulting Embah Wali

Consulting Embah Wali. © T Asch

Series Indonesia Series, ANU, DVD 4
Director Raharjo Suwandi, Patsy Asch, James J. Fox
Country/Production Australia
Release 2000
Length 42 mins
Format Colour / DVD / PAL / All region
Location Indonesia, Blitar, East Java / Asia
Ethnic Group Indonesian
Collection Asch
University Australian National University

Order No RAI-200.273B
Sale Info See Film Prices General Collection; Not for sale in Australia
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These companion films examine the philosophy and ritual practices of the followers of a holy man popularly known as Embah Wali. The movement, centred in Blitar, East Java, regards wayang as a model for living. Their ritual practices involve the performance of a unique form of wayang with human actors.

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