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A Hospice in Amsterdam (Het Veerhuis)

A Hospice in Amsterdam (Het Veerhuis). © Meyknecht

Director Steef PM Meyknecht
Country/Production Netherlands
Release 2005
Length 62 mins
Format Colour / DVD / PAL / All region
Location Netherlands, Amsterdam / Europe
Language Dutch (English subtitels)
Prizes/Commendations Commendation RAI Film Prize 2007

Order No RAI-209.2007.1
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At the end of Van Goghstraat in Amsterdam is the Veerhuis. A normal residential house in a normal urban area, where children play outside in front of the door. But people come to the Veerhuis to die. For his research, Steef Meyknecht worked for three years as a volunteer in The Veerhuis.

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